Sunday, September 6, 2009

It’s Official – I’m Back!!

Thanks to Janetha for setting me up on a writer thingy, should make this whole post thing a lot easier for me!!

June was a wet month here in Utah, summer just wouldn’t show up at all.  We waited for the Bills to arrive at the end of the month to bring us some warm weather! 

We decided to have a stacation, our first stop was Raging Waters!IMG_0146 IMG_0116 IMG_0128 IMG_0141 IMG_0079 IMG_0071 

I know I’m missing some kids and grand kid photos, hopefully I will get more as we go.

We hit Lagoon the next day – fun all around!  The little ones liked the rides and the big ones had fun on the Catapult and Sky Coaster, wahoo!!





IMG_0180 IMG_0200













We also were able to go to the open house of the new Temple in the Daybreak area (I can’t spell the real name of the temple!)IMG_0278



It was a great time to be  with our family.  We had a BBQ day, fashion show – you can see more of that on Marisa’s blog.

July 3rd brought a sad event into our lives.  Doug and Lindsay lost their sweet little peanut – he was too perfect to even get into this world.  This was quite an emotional roller coaster that none of us ever expected and we certainly weren’t prepared for the ride.  We rejoice in our knowledge of the plan of salvation and the comfort that comes through sincere and constant prayer and great faith.  My heart is heavy as I watch my sweet kids deal with this loss in their lives – they are strong beyond belief and darling Isabella helps us all keep going – as she says “it’s ok to be sad”.  All my love to my awesome kids and grand kids!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Steady as You Go!

Ok, I have been shamed into getting back into the blog post world, instead of just the blog read and comment world!!

This is just me saying out loud "I will begin posting again". There I have said it and as you all know if you say it then it REALLY will happen :)

This is a just a notice, more to follow, I promise.............

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Boy Douglas turns 29!!

Just take a look at these two cute faces, can you see the love and joy they have by just being together?!! Happy birthday to Doug, what a guy!! Where to begin when talking about Doug, he's always on the go.

Doug married this darling gal 6 years ago and they are living happily ever after!!

Kind of like flash back and Doug celebrating at their reception, love those hugs Doug!!
Doug and Janetha both have June birthdays, the 1 and 3rd. They are great sports when I lump their celebrations together!!
Here are a few things I love about this boy:
1. He is SO good looking!!
2. His smile lights up a room not to mention his laugh!
3. He loves cookies and can easily eat a dozen!
4. What a terrific dad!
5. He's kind hearted!
6. Work, work, work!
7. Play, play, play!
8. He makes a great chocolate shake!
9. He's quite an accomplished artist!
10. Full of great ideas!
11. Oh those brown eyes!
12. Loves Lindsay to the moon!
13. Awesome brother!
14. Crazy faces!
15. He's forgiving!
16. Very kind to others, always!
17. Always on the go!
18. Loves the beach and surfing!
19. Dirt bike!
20. He loves Izzy and Peanut to the moon and back!
21. He can eat more junk food than anyone else I know!
22. Considerate of others!
23. He's an honest young man!
24. D-Benson Tile!
25. Whiskers now and again!
26. He loves Lindsay's family!
27. Fly fishing, golfing, snow boarding, hiking, etc!
28. Cooper Dog!
29. He's still alive!!
Doug is one of the best and I'm so proud to be his mom!! Happy birthday Dougie, I love you to the moon and back too!! xoxo

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Janetha's Big Day!

I am so proud to be the mother of this beautiful young lady!! There are SO may incredble photos of Janetha and I would love to post them all but I am not a great blogger (finder of photos) and I want to get this up to celebrate her big day!! Let me tell you a few things about this remarkable lady!!
She LOVES to give and receive great cards!!

She LOVES her pup, Penny, as well as her neice and nephews!!

She has friends all over the whole WORLD! No kidding, here are two young fellows from Austrailia!

She had a huge gray cat named Blue for over 14 years - rest in peace - we have a lot of Blue stories and even more photos of him being "mr chubbs"!!

She totally adores Marshall, Randy and Penny (in no particular order!!) and I believe they adore her too!!

She loves presents (who doesn't), shoes, bags, small things, etc!!

She loves anything hounds tooth, even these terribly uncomfortable shoes!! But oh aren't they so, so cute!!

Out of photos-- but not out of all of the things we love about our Neef and what she loves:
1. Fabulous chef, yumm!
2. So thoughtful and considerate!
3. Smart beyond her years!
4. People watching and reporting!!
5. Loves her family and loves to be with us!
6. Exercises and loves it!
7. Eats so clean and healthy!
8. Works so, so hard!
9. Great common sense!
10. Beautiful blonde hair!
11. Words, words, words!
12. Loves a great bargain!
13. Shop, shop, shop!
14. Sunglasses and hand bags!
15. Marshall!
16. Has at least a million friends!
17. Olga!!
18. Wants onlyl the best for others!
19. Shares her knowledge!
20. Loves ALL animals, but especiallly pups!!
21. She's a great listener!
22. Thoughtful beyond measure!!
23. LOVES to cook for herself and others!
24. She gets more done in 24 hours than most do in a week!!
25. Loves color, blue, green, yellow, etc!
26. She has great faith and KNOWS that prayers are answered!!

Janetha, you are without a doublt an accomplished gal! We are so excited to celebrate your birthday today, thanks for all you do for us and your siblings, nieces and nephews and others, the list could go on and on and on!!

Have fun and be safe!! I love you too much xoxoxoxo!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HapPy BirThDaY LiNDsaY!!

We are so lucky to have this darling girl in our family!! She celebrated another birthday April 21 and here are just a few things that are so great about our Linds:

1. She is beautiful, pregnant and pretty!

2. Can you say peanut butter!

3. Exercise junky!

4. Wonderful mom!

5. Understanding wife!

6. Caring friend!

7. Honest!

8. Shop, shop, shop!

9. Serves willingly!

10. Has great faith!

11. Loves Doug, Izzy and Peanut!

12. Enjoys the outdoors!

13. Long lovely legs!

14. Loves her extended family!

15. Corn on the cob!

16. Great testimony!

17. Patient!

18. Neat and tidy!

19. Daddy's girl!

20. Very crafty!

21. Thoughtful of others feelings!

22. Awesome teacher!

23. Scipio and Kanab!

24. Family time!

25. Strawberry short cake!

26. Loves handbags!

27. Very stylish!

28. Loves to read!

It is so great to have Linds in our family - she puts up with all of our odd quirks!! We love you to the moon Linds!! Happy, happy birthday!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sofi Girl Turns 3!! (April 20, 2009)

This darling little lady turned 22 - oops I mean 3!! She will tell EVERYONE that she is 22, it is so very Sofi!!

Here are a few things I love about this gal:

She is so, so independent - she gets an idea in her head and it is full speed ahead, doing it her way - she loves to pick out her own clothes and shoes for the day!

She loves to give hugs and loves - when I stayed with them in November she would hug and love me every morning - she really loves her mom, dad and sisters!

She has a smile that will melt anyone's heart - I love, love her darling grins with her cute eyes all crinkled up!!

She keeps her mom on her toes ALL the time - just check out Marisa's blog if you want the whole story!!

We love you too much Sofi girl!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Izzy's Big Party!!

This sweet little gal turned 3 on April 12, 2009! She had a huge party with hats, balloons, cupcakes, presents, dinner and even an Easter egg hunt!! Izzy knows how to party!

There are a lot of reasons why I love this little lady and I will share a few with you.

First of all take a look at that smile.......have you ever seen anything cuter!!?? She always has a smile for me and I love it when she crinkles up her nose :)

Second Izzy is SO well mannered.....holy cow, she has better manners than most grown ups!! She knows when and says "no thank you" or "thank you" and of couse always "please"!

The third thing I love about Izzy is how thoughtful she is. She has quite a menagerie of plush animals that she loves to play with. It is critical that they ALL be put to bed and that they ALL have blankies to sleep with. Well one day at my place she was putting 3 or 4 of them to bed and needed more blankets....we didn't have anymore so I gave her a towel instead, seeing this she pondered for a minute and said "no Nana Sue, I need a blanket this is a towel". So off to the chest I went in search of more blankets. Here she was with huge fleece blankets covering up her Flossy friend, Teddy Bear and Big Bird, all in different rooms and we had to be very, very quiet and whisper.

She is thoughtful in a lot of other ways too, she is a doll and we are lucky to have her in our family. She has such a loving daddy who plays with her and teaches how to make all of those funny faces and sounds!! And she has an absolutely incredible mommy who loves her to the moon teaches her how to be such an awesome little lady!

Love and hugs to this darling little family!!!